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2019 MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence

Accepting entries until March 7, 2019

2019 Student Scholarship

Accepting entries until February 25, 2019


Illustrators 61 Annual Competition

Congratulations to all the winners!
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2019 MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence

The Society of Illustrators is excited to announce the sixth Annual MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence! Awards will be given out to recognize the most outstanding work on view at the festival. Artists winning this award will be acknowledged with a medal of Excellence and will receive a cash prize!

Society of Illustrators Executive Director Anelle Miller says, "The exhibitors at the MoCCA Arts Festival are among the most daring and inventive voices in comics and illustration working today, and we are pleased to celebrate their important work and advance the Society's long heritage of recognizing the finest artists in all fields of illustration with the MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence."

2019 Chair: Maëlle Doliveux
MoCCA Awards of Excellence Advisor: Karen Green


We are pleased to announce the creation of several different categories, so participating artists may now submit different types of comics and cartoons.


Any work, published or self-published, that was created by an exhibitor at the MoCCA Arts Festival 2019 in the past year (March 2018 - March 2019). Only works by artists who have accepted applications and whose names are been entered in the application (in the badges section) are eligible to a participate. Entries must be comics or cartoons.


Long Form: A work that is 40 pages or more. Includes graphic novels, comic books, etc. An anthology is eligible in this category however, stories will be judged independently, and entire anthologies will not be judged as a whole. Individual stories in an anthology should be more than 40 pages, and an entry form must be filled out for each separate story/artist. See entry form below.

Short Form: A work that is two pages or more, but shorter than 40 pages. Includes stand-alone work, zines, comic books and work that has been published in anthologies. Work appearing in anthologies may be entered in this category if the individual story is shorter than 40 pages. Stories will be judged independently, and entire anthologies will not be judged as a whole. An entry form must be filled out for each separate story/artist. See entry form below.

Special Format: Work that is design-driven and created with special attention to production values, including limited edition, small press, hand-made, and artist’s books.

Single Image: Work featuring a self-contained narrative with or without a caption. Includes illustrations, gag cartoons, political cartoons, a one-image short-form work with panels. Must be only one page.

The deadline to receive materials is Thursday, February 28, 2019. No extensions will be available.


Long Form, Short Form: Fill out the online entry form. You will need to email the pdf of your submission to after you have completed the form. Only pdfs will be accepted! We no longer require physical copies of your work for judging. You may enter as many books as you’d like, but each individual title will need it’s own entry form.

Specs for Upload: PDFs only. Files should be no larger than 10MB.

Special Format, Single Image: Upload your image here. If you do not have an account you will need to create one. Single Image entries will only have one jpeg per entry, but you may submit as many entries as you’d like. Special Format may have up to 5 jpegs per entry, but each jpeg must be of the same submission. For example, if you have created an accordion-style piece, you may submit photos of different angles plus close-up shots of the art.

Specs for Upload: Vertical images should be 72 dpi, jpeg, and can be up to 1000 px on the longest side. Horizontal images should be 72 dpi, jpeg, and can be up to 1400 px on the longest side.


The Society of Illustrators will forward your material to the individual judges on Thursday, March 1st, giving them time to scrutinize them with care and deliberation before the Fest. The criteria for judging the work will be based on quality, craftsmanship and content. Artists who submit their work can count on the very highest-level jurying and attention to each work that is submitted. The Jury will convene to discuss their contenders.

They will ultimately decide on one gold and two silver medal winners for each category. "Awards of Excellence" winners will be announced during the Fest on Saturday, April 6th, and will be celebrated at the After-Party that evening. The winning entrants (artists or publishers) must be present at the Festival in order to receive their awards. All materials chosen in the jury's initial survey will be acquired by Columbia University’s Rare Book and Manuscript Library for a newly established MoCCA Arts Festival collection, to be expanded annually and spearheaded by Karen Green.

Please note that any exhibitors submitting entries to this competition, that have not paid for their table by the submission deadline, will not have their items forwarded along for the jury for consideration.


The M. Prize, a financial award given in memory of Timothy Patrick Moynihan, will go to gold and silver medalists. Gold medalists will each receive $200 and silver medalists will receive $100. This award has been made possible through the generosity of friends and family of Timothy Patrick Moynihan.

2019 Student Scholarship

Presenting the premier showcase for college-level illustration students! Every year since 1981, the Society of Illustrators has recognized top students throughout the world through an exhibit, catalog, reception, and scholarship awards.

The Society of Illustrators is a museum that is open to the public in one of the largest cities in the United States. Now is your chance to have your best students represent your school and gain the attention from our visitors, including publishers, designers, art directors, curators, and art buyers.

This competition is only open to Undergraduate Department Chairs/ Administrators who are interested in entering their student's work. If you are a Department Chair/ Administrator who is not already registered to enter work, please contact us at for more information.

Deadline for Entries: February 25, 2019

Exhibition: May 7 - June 8, 2019

Awards Presentation: May 10, 2019